Scene 1: London BusEdit

(A young girl jumps aboard the bus. She is happy.)

Scene 2: Bus stopEdit

Vex: Thanks

Bus driver: It is ok

(She runs to her house)

Mum: Why u so happy?

Vex: Just am

Mum: Well just don't.

Tomorrow is the day that dad died

Marco your own brother is upset and you are just bouncing around.

Vex: fine (runs off towards the train station.)

Scene 3: Train stationEdit

(Vex looks up to the train. Going as quickly as she can Vex stopped for a moment. The Underground was full of people shouting, trains squeezing each person inside it. Vex smiled as she knew something amazing was going to happen. Vex took some steps forward as she sensed something was wrong. Then the train started to fade "what the?" Vex said in disbelief as the train had disappeared) Vex had no idea what happened, Hoax? publicity stunt? What ever it was it was not normal. Alien maybe. She noticed straight after it no signal, power, internet. What was going on?)

Scene 4: JunkyardEdit

(After hours of Looking, she is still looking for radiation signals. She finds a blue box. She looks inside.)

VEX: What the... Who are you. Doctor: The doctor. And you? Vex: Vex Hollingsworth. What is this. (TARDIS LOUD BLEEP) Doctor: Quickly get in. I'm busy.

Scene 5: Tardis is in a underground world Vex: Where are we?

Doctor: The home of the Silurian's. Don't ask. I'll explain later. Vex: Ahh what's that (Silurian chase them)

Scene 6: Train Vex: This is were the train came. Why here.

Silurian: Because we need are planet back!

Vex: Well, we live here.


Scene 7: Vex's homeEdit

(Vex's is home. Doctor's there as well.) Doctor: and that's that done.

Vex: NO!!! We need to go back and reverse it with there tars. Doctor: TARDIS!!! your right come on.

Scene 8: Wire roomEdit

Vex: What you doing.

Doctor: Just adding some calcium to this magnesium.

Vex: They are weird!

Doctor: Prehistoric.

Vex: Ok. So could I?

Doctor: Be prehistoric? Your to late.

Vex: NO! Come with you.

Doctor: One question first... What's your name!

(Both smile)

(speaker) intruder!!!!!! intruder!

Doctor: Now all we need to do is hack the speaker.

speaker: All Silurian's back to there chambers.

Scene 9: Outside her houseEdit

Vex: Come on, I told mum I am going with some mates for a week to Croydon. Doctor, was it right to have buried them?

Doctor: yes they are just sleeping. They are fine.

Vex: Well, Roll on Aztecs, Romans, Greeks and Daleks!

Doctor: How do you know about daleks?

Vex: Don't know. Just made that up then!

(Go's inside the tardis)


Doctor and Vex are tangled up in trouble!